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Decking the homes

December 18, 1999

Robert Blechl

BURBANK -- These folks weren't out there arranging decorations and

stringing extravagant lights around their homes just to please St. Nick.

Although decoration for decoration's sake was a part of the motivation

for their labor, these diligent Burbank denizens were part of something


They were entered in the 17th annual Burbank Civic Pride Committee's


outdoor holiday decorating contest. The 10-member committee judged 53

Christmas-decorated homes Thursday evening.

Ten winners were selected. The victors will receive certificates of

excellence at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The entrants were judged on a scale of one to 10 in three categories:

commercial, residential and youth, the latter for decorators 16 and

younger. Recognition goes to a sweepstakes winner and several other award

winners in each category, though there was no overall winner in the

commercial category this year.

Committee member Ellie Myer and her nine peers borrowed a 10-seat van

from the Burbank Fire Department and took to the streets about 5:30 p.m.


"We rate the homes for originality and how much work people put into

them," said Myer. "This is their gift to the community and the judging

gives something back to them. The community really appreciates

everybody's contribution to the Christmas season."

Myer said there is no discussion between committee members during the


"We all take our clipboards, flashlight and sheet," she said. "No one

knows what the other person is giving until we tally them up."

Myer said contestants entered by filling out and returning an entry

form in November's utility bill.

This year marked the first time that Marilyn Condit signed up for the

contest. Condit, who lives on Chandler Boulevard, said she wanted to

contribute to the seasonal community spirit and heighten the enjoyment of

the holiday for children in her neighborhood.

"We always decorate for all the holidays, but never entered anything

before," Condit said. "It's just for fun, for the spirit of Christmas."

With the help of her 11-year-old daughter, Danielle, Condit added

poinsettias and icicles to her home this year and placed a large, lighted

candy cane by her front door. The pinnacle of her seasonal display is the

illuminated outline of Santa Claus and a reindeer in a landing pose on

her roof.

Although a top-12 spot would have been nice, Condit said the important

thing about the contest is its potential to bring together the


"It lets everyone know you're a family in the community," Condit said.

"And a lot of kids will stop by and look. They like seeing Santa on the

roof. It gets them excited."




Residential Sweepstakes Winner

* 2931 Olney Place

Award Winners

* 3500 Viewcrest Drive

* 336 E. Tujunga Ave.

* 1142 N. Catalina St.

* 707 Andover Drive

* 721 E. Grinnel Drive

* 430 N. Bel Aire Drive

* 2029 N. Hollywood Way

* 1415 Morningside Drive

Youth Sweepstakes Winner

* 824 Bethany Road

Youth Award Winners

1231 N. Fairview Ave.

855 Stephen Road

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