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January 08, 2000

A slightly different memory

Donna Bertuccelli's letter ("Corvette tale stirs memories," Dec. 22)

brought back fond memories for me also.

I was one of the many Burbank motor officers who during the early

1960s would stop by and visit with Johnny Shields at his famous

automotive shop on the corner of Rose and Riverside.

Many of us, such as Howard Standefer, C.R. Holder, Don Foster, Bob


Paysinger, Al Stanley, Hank Fegette, Len Guthrie, Harry Mintey, Art

Moody, Jerry Vavra, Bill Richmond, Dick Winders, Bill French and Sgt. Ed

Cassidy, would also stop in across the street at the Pancake House for

breakfast or lunch and visit with you at least twice week. We always

enjoyed the good food and great company.

However, I don't remember Bob Kramer ever sitting at Johnny's table,

unless he was that little skinny kid with the Mohawk haircut, who wore

bright red bow ties on his T-shirts, had the bad habit of wearing black

shoes and socks with white shorts and always had a small puppy under his


Thanks again for the memories and stay well.


Burbank Police Department

Float award spotlights civic pride

Congratulations to Burbank for winning the Mayor's Trophy at this

year's Tournament of Roses Parade.

As a Realtor with Century 21 Paul & Associates in Burbank, I have

already received two calls less than 48 hours after the parade from

people who expressed an interest in moving to Burbank. It seems that our

wonderful float was the proverbial icing on the cake.

The residents of Burbank should be proud to live here. The city has

many great things to offer and its pride was on display at the Rose

Parade this year.



Religious ad was shameful

I read with astonishment and sadness the full-page advertisement by

the Eternal Gospel Church of Seventh-Day Adventists in your Dec. 29


I am a Catholic. And yes, I read the whole thing. And I know you had

an obligation to publish it.

From the ad, it would appear that Adventist theology is rooted

primarily in hatred of the Catholic Church based on a lunatic and fevered

interpretation of John's Revelation. Can this be true? I sincerely hope

that the church responsible for this ad is a splinter group, which is

just as embarrassing to most Seventh-day Adventists as some Catholic

splinter groups are to me. Perhaps a member of the clergy of a local

Adventist church might care to comment?

I need only look at the beautiful and impressive medical facility in

Glendale to be reminded of the good works that the Adventists are

committed to. This ad is shameful.

The Catholic Church teaches us that any person, sincerely seeking the

truth, and committed to living a good life, is pleasing to God. Does a

church really need to use hatred and fear of other churches to keep its

members motivated? The Catholic Church has learned this hard lesson. The

ad even mentions that the Catholic Church has recognized its own past

faults and sins in this regard, and then tries tries to use even her

repentance to condemn the church.

Really, does this make any sense?



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