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A call for new leadership at BTAC

February 12, 2000

Kevin McKenna

I'm writing to express my disappointment about the departure of

Barbara Ralph, David Rohletter and Stacey Schumacher from Burbank

Temporary Aid Center.

Barbara Ralph is one of the most courageous people with whom it has

been my privilege to work. Her honesty and integrity have made her a

bright light in the dark and serious situation that has been ongoing at


BTAC. But, unfortunately, her words seem to have fallen on deaf ears. It

should be known to the citizens of Burbank that Ralph was the only board

member who actually knew the internal workings at BTAC. The reason being

she was the only board member who actually worked at the organization as

a weekly volunteer.

Ralph helped keep the board informed of what was happening internally.

The rest of the board, including new President Gary Haubold, seldom set

foot in BTAC's door during the six months I was executive director. The

only board members who come to the facility are the treasurer, who comes

once a week to pay bills, and Ralph, who works at BTAC on a scheduled

basis. When Ralph tried to inform the board of her concerns in the

direction the leadership of BTAC was headed she was ignored.

Is being Patty Reardon's friend the main criterion for being a board

member? If not, someone tell me what is? I know firsthand that when a

prominent Burbank attorney applied for membership, Reardon continually

tabled his nomination until it was never brought up again. This gentleman

was one of the founders of the Boys and Girls Club and responsible for

raising of thousands of dollars for charities in the past. Why didn't

Mrs. Reardon want him on the board? Is it because she wants to control

the board and BTAC herself?

I would also like to know how Haubold can make the statement to the

Leader, "Most of the clients and volunteers support her," ("Aid center

jolted again," Feb. 2). How could he know this when he's never met or

spoken with most of the clients and volunteers? Is he trying to put

something over on the supporters of BTAC? Can he really still believe

that after all the resignations that the volunteers are happy? Is Mr.

Haubold trying to cover up the truth?

In response to Jan Loporchio's letter about Patty Reardon's work in

the Santa's Room ("Patty Reardon has given much to city," Feb. 5-6):

During the Christmas of 1998 while I was director, I received a

distressing call from a woman in tears telling how she would never come

back to BTAC because of the way she was treated in the Santa's Room. She

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