Police Files

March 15, 2000

Amber Willard

The following incidents were taken from police reports.


* 1400 block of Clark Avenue: Police are searching for someone who

took items from a home in the area sometime before 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

There was no sign of forced entry into the home. Items taken included

money, coat and Sony PlayStation.


* 3201 W. Verdugo Ave.: Police are searching for someone who threw a

small bomb into the Verdugo Park swimming pool area around 7:10 p.m.

Thursday. The bomb consisted of a glass bottle filled with gasoline and a

lit rag in its opening, police said. The area sustained little damage.


* 1000 N. San Fernando Blvd.: Police are searching for two men who

took 20 Sony PlayStation games from Kmart at 6 p.m. Saturday. Police said

the men placed the games, worth about $500, in a shopping bag and walked

out of the store.


* 25 E. Alameda St.: Two men were arrested on suspicion of possession

stolen property at 1 p.m. Friday outside Kmart. Officers stopped the men

after workers said the men were behaving suspiciously in the store. One

man, a 32-year-old Lake View Terrace resident, was also arrested for

allegedly giving police false identification and possessing a syringe.

The other man was a 37-year-old Pacoima resident.


* 100 block of Pass Avenue: Police are searching for someone who took

items from a car sometime before 9 a.m. Saturday. The owner told police

that a stereo, speakers and 25 CDs were taken from the car. The driver's

side door was forced open, police said.

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