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Dining Out

March 29, 2000

Leslyn Ray, Enjoy!

MONTROSE -- While Glendale has no shortage of exotic cuisine choices

due to its diverse community, there are the few that distinguish

themselves from the rest. Khalis, an intimate restaurant tucked into a

shopping center on North Verdugo Road in south Montrose, is one of

Glendale's best kept secrets.

Although seating is somewhat limited, it doesn't seem to be a


detriment, unless you planned to have a large party. The food is prepared

from scratch by your gracious hosts who will cater to your every need and


Do you like your food with a little extra zest? Select your sizzle

range, from mild to spicy.

Trying to watch your diet? Choose from a tasteful menu of vegetarian

entrees filled with a plethora of choices from eggplant to garbanzo


I began my odyssey into Indian fare with an appetizer called Aloo

Parantha. The melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious Indian bread, called naan,

stuffed with potatoes and cilantro, was complemented by delectable and

delicately spicy mango chutney and mint chutney sauces.

If dining with a friend, I highly recommend one of the bargain

combinations for the entree portion of your meal. I chose the Super

Tandoori. The dish overflows with enough delicious portions of lamb,

chicken, vegetables, lentils and basmati rice to please any pallet. All

are exceptionally prepared in an abundance of succulent sauces with just

the right amount of curry seasoning.

For a spectacular side dish to your feast, try the Tibetan Noodles.

Khalis uses its own secret recipe for egg noodles cooked in a slightly

sweet garlic sauce.

Dessert choices are limited, but who can say no to fresh fruit served

with a chocolate cognac syrup? Certainly not I. For those looking for a

low-fat dessert it is a decadent treat that will leave you guilt free.

My dinner partner ordered the rice pudding, which was tasteful but was

different from the American version due to its thin consistency.

No alcohol is served here, but you are welcome to bring along your

favorite bottle of wine to complement this savory fare.

The beverage selection does, however, include a wonderful concoction

called Daljit's Masala, a hot and sweet '100 mile' tea that is the

perfect ending to your lavish spread.

For lunchtime fare I suggest the all -you-can-eat lunch buffet

($6.95). Meals are available for dine-in or take-out, and they also

provide catering services for almost any occasion.

So if you are looking for a change of pace in your culinary circle,

make your way to this enticing and charming establishment. I guarantee

you will not be disappointed.

In our search for a new restaurant critic, today we feature Leslyn Ray

of Glendale. She is a restaurant and nightclub manager.


WHERE: Khalis Indian Cuisine, 3303 N. Verdugo Road, Montrose.

PHONE: 957-5500.


HOURS: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

PRICES: Lunch buffet served 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday,

$6.95; dinner menu: appetizers $1.50 to $7.45 and entrees $4.50 to


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