Educators honored at board meeting

June 03, 2000

Irma Lemus

BURBANK -- Teachers and administrators who have served the Burbank

Unified School District for a combined 550 years were honored at

Thursday's Board of Education meeting.

The 20 educators who were recognized have worked at the district for

between 17 and 38 years.

They are Julia Black and Neala Sullivan from John Muir Middle School;


Roma Chavez and Ruth Mottem from Ralph W. Emerson Children's Center;

Marilyn Deal, Lois Futrell and Patricia Kowalke from George Washington

Elementary; Judy Dexter of the district's fiscal services office; Martha

Hankins from Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary; Frank Kallem, Dave Kemp,

Clyde Richards and Merle Stone from Burbank High; Claudia Larsen from

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary; Margaret Lucas from Bret Harte Children's

Center; Margarita Sandoval from the Adult School; Joyce Sedlak from

Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Elizabeth Sjolund and Lynne Uhl from Joaquin

Miller Elementary; and Marlene Urrutia from Walt Disney Elementary.

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