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Protesters are blunt in their demands

June 28, 2000

Irma Lemus

MEDIA DISTRICT WEST -- Calling for an end to the glorification of drug

use in a weekly radio program hosted by a popular rapper, a Pasadena

coalition protested outside of Power 106 radio station.

Saturday's protest brought out about 70 people to the Power 106

offices at 2600 W. Olive Ave., organizers said.

Day One, a nonprofit coalition of ministers, church members and young


people, targeted the weekly show "Smoke-out Session," hosted by rapper

Snoop Dogg, because of its content. The group has called for a "Cease

Fire" campaign to abate the use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other


"Hip Hop music is the most popular music among young people... They

are influenced when [Snoop Dogg] starts off the show by encouraging the

listeners to get their 'blunts, lighters and bongs,"' said Michael

Browning, Day One executive director.

Power 106 spokeswoman Val Maki could not be reached for comment.

Browning said radio station management was irresponsible for allowing

the rapper to promote drug use on the airwaves.

"During one show, he played 'weed songs' that made reference to

smoking marijuana," Browning said, "Listeners wrote them down and called

in. The winner got a box of 'blunts,"' said Browning.

In Hip Hop lingo, a blunt is cigar with the tobacco emptied out and

replaced with marijuana. Even though Power 106 gave away the cigars with

tobacco inside, the station was acting irresponsibly, Browning said.

Vicki Phillips, Day One publicity directory, said the organization is

not against Hip Hop music.

"We want people to know that we are not attacking Hip Hop music, we

just want to clean it up," Phillips said.

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