Back at their desks

June 28, 2000

Irma Lemus

BURBANK -- Trading summer vacation for more time in the classroom may

not be the holiday of choice for most Burbank students, but that's

exactly how many will be spending their time.

After a one-week break, more than 3,000 Burbank students returned for

summer school this week.

About 670 students showed up Monday at David Starr Jordan Middle


School, where the district middle school summer session is being held

this year.

Students were not the only ones less than thrilled with the prospect

of more time at school.

"I hate it," said Dana Besvold as she waited for her son, Zack, to get

out for the day.

"It's really hard for me to get out of work to pick him up, but he had

to come," Besvold said as stood in the shade to avoid the scorching sun.

Besvold, who is a nurse, said her 12-year-old son needed to attend

summer school to make up a math class.

Middle school summer Principal Henry Weikert said most -- but not all

-- of the students spending a portion of their vacation in a classroom

need to make up courses or are deficient in a particular area.

"A lot of students are required to attend summer school, but there are

some who come because they want to be prepared for next year," Weikert


About 20 teachers representing all three Burbank middle schools are

teaching grades six through eight at Jordan this summer, he said.

Zack, who is in sixth grade, appeared to be taking the extra school

work in stride.

"So far it's good. I like it because it gives me something to do. I

would be sitting at home bored," he said.

Fellow sixth-grader Jeffrey Vurges, 12, said he was attending summer

school because his parents work during the day and are unable to watch


"My mom wanted me to come and I hated it at first, but now it's ok,"

Jeffrey said.

High school students are attending summer school at Luther Burbank

Middle school this year, while each elementary school has its own summer

session, district officials said. The last day of summer school is Aug.


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