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Authority approves new deal

August 16, 2000

Paul Clinton

AIRPORT DISTRICT -- Hoping to revive talks for a replacement terminal,

the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority has agreed to a smaller

terminal and curfew on flights at night before any construction.

The authority's newest proposal comes as the agency has actively begun

efforts to sell an 81-acre parcel of land thought to be ideal for the



"We can still salvage the terminal project if we can reach an

agreement before the property sells," Authority President Carl Meseck

wrote in a Monday letter to Mayor Bill Wiggins. "I hope you and your

colleagues will agree that we should have the elements of an agreement in


The Airport Authority's board approved the proposal 6-2 at its Monday

meeting. Burbank Airport Commissioners Phil Berlin and Ingolf Klengler

voted against the deal. Burbank Airport Commissioner Charles Lombardo was


The airport submitted the proposal to the city Monday, seeking

approval to take possession of the land and begin construction. The

application marks the third formal proposal since May 1999, along with a

handful of informal ones since that time.

Wiggins was traveling and could not be reached for comment. But

Councilwoman Stacey Murphy, who with Councilman Dave Golonski make up the

council's ad-hoc negotiations team, said she liked the plan at first


"We'll see what their application says," Murphy said. "But it sounds

like there is positive movement."

The city will consider the proposal under the state's Public Utilities

Commission code, which gives Burbank the ability to control land-use

decisions at the airport.

The airport asked for a 250,000 square foot terminal, down from the

330,000 square foot building proposed in August 1999. The new terminal

would have the same number of gates, 14, as the current terminal, which

counts 170,000 square feet of space.

In the plan, Meseck conceded that the authority must secure a flight

curfew -- something airport officials in earlier times refused to do --

before the terminal is built. On July 17, the authority launched a Part

161 noise study, an application to the Federal Aviation Administration

for the measure. The FAA is likely to rule on the study in early 2002.

The airport has also agreed to pay Burbank for lost property taxes and

give the City Council "total control" over any future airport expansion.

Glendale Airport Commissioner Gerald Briggs said he hoped the proposal

will answer lingering questions about whether the terminal will ever be

built. Talks have been stalled since mid-June, when the city and airport

released competing terminal proposals.

The city's proposal called for the 250,000 square foot terminal,

curfew and tax payment. But it also included a request for other noise

controls, a rotating presidency at the authority and super-majority

voting (approval on contracts and other items by two of three

commissioners from each city).

In any event, Briggs said the recent application should spur progress.

"We hope Burbank will take some action on it," Briggs said. "This was

the Airport Authority's best effort to try to resolve the issue."

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