October 07, 2000


Something missing with treasurer candidate

I had an interesting conversation with my boss this week. It seems

that there is a job opening at our company that pays about $75,000 a year

and I think that's a nice amount of money. So I told him that I would

like to have the job. After all, I am considered pretty popular by all my

friends. I've got some time on my hands since my principal job is pretty


much part-time. (Though I can't really let my boss know this.) And I have

even balanced my (modest) checkbook in a diligent way. I'm a good guy,

what more do you need, I asked.

He replied something about having at least some knowledge of investing

a lot of other people's money, being familiar with equity market

variations at a time of high PE ratios, knowing the best bond duration's

in a period of unstable interest rates and nascent inflation, and the

best asset allocations for preservation of principal and how to negotiate

terms with New York Bond dealers.

I told him it doesn't really matter that I don't know beans about

those things. There is an excellent staff in place already and they can

do all the work for me. It would be great.

Then he said, "What would we need you for, then? We could save the


Does anyone in Burbank have an answer for me on this one?



Burbank High grad recalls the hot old times

I recently read Mr. Haynes complaint about the extreme heat conditions

in his classroom. ("Too Hot for Teacher," Sept. 20) He is absolutely

correct. There is many a day where my classmates and I sweated our hearts

out because there was no air-conditioning. Mr. Aponik, fans don't do much

to speak of. Sure they're great for the person sitting in front of it,

but when it's over 100 degrees in a room even that doesn't necessarily

help. There were also many times that we asked each other where our

parents' money was spent. Oh yes, instead of cooling off the rooms so

that we can concentrate we had our hallways repainted a lovely shade of

blue. Over the existing, ancient, paint of course, so that it began to

peel off by the second week of school.

Now I had many excellent teachers at Burbank High School. Mr. Haynes

just being one of them. And if the faculty is loudly complaining about

not being able to teach I think that it would be best for the Board of

Education to listen. I would encourage the students and their parents to

complain as well. You my good people are who supply the school board

members with their paychecks.



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