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Letter - Candy Danielson

October 25, 2000

As a life-long Democrat working to help reelect Rep. James Rogan, it

is appalling how letter writers sometimes overlook their own

vituperative, name-calling descriptions of Rogan while exercising free

rein in describing their personal opinions of Rogan's remarks (and the

responses of Rogan supporters). This was specifically true during the

Sept. 15 candidates' forum.

Politics is not a tea party, it never will be and those who are


offended by candidates' or audience responses should be sure to never run

for public office. Who among us is so perfect that we would want to tell

others how to express themselves? Even with rules sometimes, people will

be people. That's just plain realistic.

Besides being a courageous member of Congress who stands up for

principle (remember that word?), Rogan thoroughly understands that any

worthy member of Congress must vote his or her conscience because we all

live with our conscience until the day we die. Regrettably, that quality

of voting one's conscience is not to be found in all who seek public

office but, fortunately, Rogan has it.

I wish to say that Rogan's very difficult childhood, and the way he

turned himself around amid so much adversity is not only admirable, but

makes him an exceptionally outstanding role model for the hopes and

aspirations of our youth, who desperately need role models in our

increasingly challenging and complex society. No Ivy League schools for

Rogan. He came up the hard way.

Thank you for reading this letter.



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