Swing to the left

November 15, 2000

Paul Clinton

BURBANK -- Not alone in its move to the political left, Burbank

followed the state's broader trend in the Nov. 7 general election.

Just as California gave its 54 electoral votes to Vice President Al

Gore, Burbank residents also punched Democratic ballots significantly

more often than Republican ones.

At the top of the ticket, Burbank handed 55.4% of the vote to Gore and


only 37.1% to Texas Gov. George Bush. Green candidate Ralph Nader secured

4.1% of the city's votes.

The Democratic dominance continued down the ballot. In the closely

watched race for the 27th Congressional District seat, state Sen. Adam

Schiff (D-Burbank) racked up 56.5%, while incumbent James Rogan

(R-Burbank) grabbed only 39.4%.

In the waning days of the campaign, pundits said Rogan might be hurt

by his leading role in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. UCLA

Political Science Professor Barbara Sinclair said that wasn't the only

issue on the minds of voters.

"Basically, the district is changing demographically and politically,"

Sinclair said. "If Rogan had sat out of the impeachment thing, he still

would have been targeted and would have lost."

Tom Campbell, the Republican crushed in his attempt to unseat U.S.

Sen. Diane Feinstein, also took it on the chin in Burbank. Feinstein took

54.9% of the popular vote, while Campbell captured only 32.3%.

The lower-profile races mirrored those that attracted more attention.

In the race for the 21st state Senate seat, Democrat Jack Scott took

60.2% to Republican Paul Zee's 35.7%. For the 43rd state Assembly

District seat, Democrat Dario Frommer captured 62.3% to Republican Craig

Missakian's 34.6%

Sinclair said votes in the state races in the Burbank-Glendale area

probably followed the presidential race.

"These races usually don't get enormous amounts of coverage," Sinclair

said. "The coattail impact might be stronger."


The following is a breakdown of how Burbank voted based on general

election results released by the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder's office.


Al Gore (Dem.) 55.4%

George W. Bush (Rep.) 37.1%

Ralph Nader (Green) 4.1%

Harry Browne (Lib.) 0.5%

Patrick Buchanan (Ref.) 0.5%

Howard Phillips (Am. Ind.) 0%

John Hagelin (Nat. Law) 0%

U.S. Senator

Dianne Feinstein (Dem.) 54.9%

Tom Campbell (Rep.) 32.3%

Medea Benjamin (Green) 3%

Gail Lightfoot (Lib.) 1.8%

Diane Templin (Am. Ind.) 1.2%

J.L. "Joe" Camahort (Ref.) 0.7%

Brian Rees (Nat. Law) 0.5%

27th Congressional District

Adam Schiff (Dem.) 56.5%

James Rogan (Rep.) 39.4%

Miriam Hospodor (Nat. Law) 2.7%

Ted Brown (Lib.) 1.8%

21st State Senate District

Jack Scott (Dem.) 60.2%

Paul Zee (Rep.) 35.7%

Bob New (Lib.) 3.8%

43rd Assembly District

Dario Frommer (Dem.) 62.3%

Craig Missakian (Rep.) 34.6%

District Attorney

Steve Cooley 54.7%

Gil Garcetti 26.4%

Measure B (City Airport Measure)

Yes 80.2%

No 19.7%

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