Letter - Bob Loza

November 25, 2000

Any notion that James Rogan was a bipartisan moderate interested in

political consensus was completely shattered by his behavior, and that of

his staff, during this past campaign and election. His campaign was the

meanest, most biased one I have ever seen, seeming almost juvenile in its


His so-called acceptance speech on election night (given when he

erroneously assumed he had won) was devoid of the slightest amount of


graciousness. And when, finally, Adam Schiff delivered the "real"

acceptance speech, he was blasted by Rogan's campaign manager for being

"more concerned with winning" than in listening to the will of the

people. Is this what you would call arrogance, or ignorance?

Rogan did his own followers a disservice in making such an issue of

his blatant partisan actions against the president two years ago. That

was probably the least significant factor against him in this race, yet

he made it his battle cry.

He would be better off, I think, working as spokesman for Pat Buchanan

or Rush Limbaugh. The man's very attitude makes him an unsuitable

representative for our district.

Bob Loza


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