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Woman arrested on 'Friends' set

March 31, 2001

Josh Goldstein

MEDIA DISTRICT WEST-- Burbank Police arrested a woman roaming around

the set of the popular TV show "Friends" during a taping March 23 on the

lot of Warner Bros. Studios, police said.

Heather Holsen, 32, of Tucson, Ariz., was detained by Warner Bros.

security after she was found roaming around the backstage are of Studio

24 during the night's taping of the show.


There was an audience in the building, but Holsen did not have a show

ticket, Burbank Police Sgt. Bill Taylor said.

Holsen, who was charged with misdemeanor trespassing, allegedly was

snooping around on the set itself, Taylor said.

Studio officials refused to comment on the incident; however, they

said the disruption did not delay the evening's taping, and Holsen did

not come in contact with any of the show's stars.

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