Voters ponder college bond

March 31, 2001

Karen S. Kim

BURBANK -- On April 10, Burbank voters will be given the chance to

approve Proposition A, a $1.2-billion bond measure for improving the

conditions of schools within the Los Angeles Community College District.

The bond money for Prop. A would be repaid by a tax on property within

the district over a period of less than 40 years. The tax rate would be

no more than $25 per $100,000 of taxable property value, according to the



The money would be used mainly for rehabilitating facilities. None of

the funds can be used for school officials' salaries, according to the


Burbank Unified School District officials said most community-college

bound students in Burbank head to Glendale Community College or Pasadena

City College -- schools that are not part of the Los Angeles Community

Colleges District.

However, a significant number of Burbank students do move on to Los

Angeles Valley College, a school that would receive funding if

Proposition A passes, officials said.

A 1999-2000 school district survey of 747 public high school students

indicated 18% of the 459 Burbank seniors planning on attending community

colleges were headed to schools within the Los Angeles Community Colleges


Burbank, John Burroughs and Monterey high schools offer an "afternoon

college" program, where students attend classes at Los Angeles Valley

College for school credit two afternoons each week.

"The whole point of this program is to give kids a positive college

experience, so when they finish high school they'll want to go on to

college," Monterey High School counselor Morgan Higgins said. Higgins

added that 60% or 70% of his students move on to local community


Officials of Los Angeles Valley College hope that Burbank will support

Proposition A.

"We're one of the schools that [Burbank students] tend to go to, we're

close by and we're affordable," said Florentino Manzano, the school's

associate dean of student services. "One of the things that we hear is,

'It's going to raise taxes, and I don't have a child that goes to that

school.' But [community colleges] are the access to higher education. I

think it's a good investment for a better society."

Manzano said that $165 million of the bond would be allocated for

rehabilitation projects at Los Angeles Valley College.

Proposition A requires 55% of the vote to pass.


Schools falling within the Los Angeles Community College District

Los Angeles City College, East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles Harbor

College, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles Pierce College, Los

Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Los

Angeles Valley College and West Los Angeles College.

Based on a 1999-2000 survey of the Burbank Unified School District of

high school seniors.

(school*students who participated in survey)

Burbank High School*360 students

John Burroughs High School*353 students

Monterey High School*34 students

Students indicated they planned to attend these schools after high


(school within Los Angeles Community College District*number of


East Los Angeles College*1 student

Los Angeles Harbor College*1 student

Los Angeles Valley College*68 students

Los Angeles Mission College*4 students

Los Angeles Pierce College*7 students

(school outside of Los Angeles Community College District*number of


Glendale Community College*130 students

Pasadena City College*140 students

For more information about Proposition A, visit o7 www.laccd.eduf7 .

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