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April 28, 2001

How Burbank did in comparison to other cities Godbe Research &

Analysis has surveyed.

City*year of survey*overall satisfaction with city services




Manhattan Beach*2000*92%



Lake Forest*2000*91%

Costa Mesa*2000*87%

La Canada Flintridge*2000*85%


San Leandro*2000*75%

Some of the results from Burbank's April 2001 survey, compiled by

Godbe. Results are based on a random telephone poll of 400 Burbank


How many years have you lived in Burbank?

0-4 years*20%

5-9 years*17%

10-14 years*13%

more than 14 years*50%

Generally speaking, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the job the

city of Burbank is doing to provide city services?

very satisfied*67.8%

somewhat satisfied*27.3%

somewhat dissatisfied*1.8%

very dissatisfied*0.8%

no opinion*2.3%

What would you say is the most important issue facing Burbank?

*residents were permitted to give multiple responses

airport expansion*34%


school quality*11.3%

redevelopment and expansion*10.8%


getting too crowded*8%

too much traffic*5%


no opinion*13.8%

(These percentages were rounded)

How satisfied are you with these city services?

*very satisfied*somewhat satisfied*somewhat dissatisfied*very

dissatisfied*no opinion

Community outreach services, neighborhood watch


School resource officers, juvenile-based services*35%*27%*3%*1%*34%

Enforce traffic laws*56%*26%*6%*4%*9%

Maintain a low crime rate*74%*19%*3%*1%*4%

Response time of less than four minutes to police

emergencies*71%*10%*less than 1%*1%*18%

Pedestrian and bicycle safety*43%*30%*4%*2%*22%

Animal control services*53%*25%*2%*2%*18%

Paramedic services*70%*9%*0%*1%*21%

Fire prevention programs*43%*23%*2%*1%*32%

Emergency preparedness, like earthquakes*41%*26%*2%*1%*31% Response time of less than five minutes to paramedic and emergency

calls*71%*9%*1%*less than 1%*20%

(These percentages were rounded)

How do you feel about your personal safety and security?

*very safe*reasonably safe*somewhat unsafe*very unsafe*no opinion

walking in your neighborhood during the day*81%*17%*1%*less than 1%*1%

walking in your neighborhood after dark*48%*35%*9%*2%*6%

walking in business areas during the day*77%*20%*2%*0%*2%

walking in business areas after dark*37%*41%*12%*2%*9%

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