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Letter -- Douglas Fraser

May 02, 2001

While making arrangements recently for my dad's memorial services, I

became aware of some really great people in your community who deserve

special recognition.

The support and help from the Burbank Fire Department, in particular

Burbank Fire Chief Michael Davis and the Fire Fighters Assn. Their

recognition of my dad's years of service to firefighting was outstanding

and created a lifelong memory for our family, for which we will always be



The very generous use of the Valley Funeral Home, thanks to Michael

Kubasak, his staff -- in particular Michael Stock and Selassie Burke, who

gave up their Saturday to direct the activity -- are of special talents

that are gratefully appreciated.

And last, but not least, the Leader's interest and support in

publishing the great article on dad's history and relationship to Burbank

was outstanding.

Our family will always remember each person who contributed their time

and effort to make this a lifelong memory.

Thanks to each of you.


Tacoma, Wash.

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