Identity theft ring busted

June 02, 2001

Lolita Harper

SANTA CLARITA -- Burbank police detectives uncovered an intricate

identity theft ring after the arrest of a Burbank woman led them to a

room in the Santa Clarita Travel Lodge.

Robert Anglert, 45, and Janice Garcia, 51, both of Santa Clarita, were

arrested May 27 with Emilie Bose, 25, of Woodland Hills, for a variety of

charges ranging from suspicion of identity theft to possession of illegal


drugs, Burbank Police Sgt. Bill Taylor said.

Police said the trio used stolen account information to make

computer-generated checks and corresponding driver's licenses that they

used to cash the checks. Because they were using real account numbers,

Anglert, Garcia and Bose had access to bank and credit card accounts of

unsuspecting victims, investigating officer Sgt. Jose Duran said. Police

are still tabulating the total loss to the victims.

"They did incredibly authentic replicas," Taylor said. "It was

unbelievable to see what these people were able to do with a computer."

Burbank police became involved in the investigation on Friday, May 26,

when they arrested 40-year-old Burbank resident Mary Lin on suspicion of

possessing illegal drugs. During their investigation, police allegedly

found a piece of fake identification in Lin's possession, Taylor said.

While investigating Lin's alleged crimes, officers were led to the

Santa Clarita Travel Lodge, where they found Anglert, Garcia and Bose in

a room littered with fake driver's licenses, stolen check books and

account statements, crack pipes, trash and two samurai swords, Taylor


Also in the room was the computer used to make the fake identification

cards, a .22-caliber handgun and a pit bull, he said.

The trio was even able to duplicate the holograms of California

drivers licenses, Duran said.

Travel Lodge employees told police the suspects had been there for two

weeks, Duran said. Hotel management declined to comment to the Leader.

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