Burbank man, juvenile arrested for alleged burglary

June 09, 2001

Lolita Harper

HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- A Burbank man and his juvenile friend, also of

Burbank, were arrested Wednesday after they allegedly burglarized the

apartment of a classmate.

Arthur Vardapetyan, 19, and his 17-year-old friend, whose name was not

released because of his age, were arrested after the victim of their

alleged crime recognized them as they walked out of the apartment



The victim told police he saw the two in the parking structure of his

apartment building carrying a large bag filled with items, Burbank Police

Sgt. John Dilibert said. When the victim called to them, Vardapetyan and

the boy ran away, the victim told police. The victim reported a loss of

cash, a video camera and jewelry.

The victim looked up the names of the two men in his yearbook and

called police, Dilibert said. While police were on route to question the

suspects, Vardapetyan allegedly called the victim and told him they would

return his belongings if he didn't call the police, Dilibert said.

Police said the victim later found some of his belongings dumped on

the lawn in front of his apartment building.

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