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Letter -- Jon Walters

July 07, 2001

I disagree with the recent decision to change oral communications, and

I think City Council members David Laurell, Dave Golonski and Stacey

Murphy need to ask themselves three questions.

First, would they leave their home and drive to City Hall to speak for

60 seconds?

Second, would they stay late into the evening to speak for three



Third, would they think it was fair to have to choose between 60

seconds or wait hours and hours to speak for three minutes?

If Laurell, Golonski and Murphy were honest, the answer to all three

questions is NO!

When I watch council meetings, I empathize with many of the speakers.

If the council ignored or sidestepped my questions, I would eventually

become exasperated and ornery, too.

The term gadfly is a disrespectful and abusive label for the

hard-working, decent folks who have the courage to face the council and

ask difficult questions, especially the tough questions about airport

expansion and our need for a 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew and a cap on


As a Burbank resident and homeowner, I need to protect my investment

in my home. I value the people who gave up their personal time to collect

signatures for ROAR, and I appreciate each and every resident who signed

ROAR. I hope the residents of Burbank will look for the mail-in ballots

and vote yes on ROAR.

As for oral communications, Laurell, Murphy and Golonski can only

represent us properly if they listen to our ideas, suggestions and

concerns. It is also very important that the residents of Burbank be able

to watch council meetings and hear the council's responses and answers.

Let the good people of Burbank have five minutes of your time. We

deserve that much.



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