Woodbury University gets $2 million

July 11, 2001

Gary Moskowitz

HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- Zelda Gilbert knows that her school could be

doing a better job.

With a hefty check coming in from the government this fall to help

with academics and student services, Gilbert's hoping to help her

students on to graduation.

This October, Woodbury University of Burbank will receive a check from


the U.S. Dept. of Education in the amount of $420,000, the first

installment of a $2 million grant to be paid to the school over the next

five years.

Woodbury has a graduation rate of 50.5%, impressive when compared to

the 34.7% graduation rate for the Cal State Universities in L.A. County.

The grant comes from the Hispanic Serving Institutions program, which

aims to improve institutions that educate a significant percentage of

Hispanic students. Woodbury's student body is 30% Hispanic.

"We do a good job with basic skills like math and English, but we see

students struggling with foundation courses in their fields," said

Gilbert, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty. "With

this grant, we will do an even better job graduating professionals."

Gilbert said the bulk of the grant will go toward computer software

and hardware that will compose an infrastructure for the university from

which to work.

Until now, students registering for classes at Woodbury stood in line

to select their classes. If a class they requested was full, they would

have to meet with their counselor a second time, find an alternate class

and get back in line.

"We produce professionals who go on to become architects, accountants

and interior designers," Gilbert said. "This is a wonderful deal that

will help us continue doing what we do."

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