Pledging allegiance

September 15, 2001

Burbank residents sought out different ways to react to Tuesday's

terrorist activities at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon. Some

attended prayer vigils, some stocked up on supplies at the local surplus

store and others took part in moments of silence for the thousands who

have perished. Many residents have taken comfort in hanging American

flags outside their homes and around the city. The 14 or more houses

along the 1200 block of North Lima Street in Burbank were lined with


American flags, and neighbors shared concerns with each other about the

tragic events that occurred this week. Those who didn't already have

flags went to Burbank's Flag Headquarters, a flag store on Olive Avenue.

The flag store had lines out the door for most of the day, as hundreds of

residents rushed to the store to pick up any size or shape of the

American flag that was available.

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