Letter -- Charles Knight

October 10, 2001

I was privileged to be a volunteer for the Salvation Army for our

country's Disaster Relief Fund at Ralphs on Victory Boulevard and Buena

Vista Street. I would like to thank all of the terrific people I met who

stopped and chatted with me and signed my poster. It is hanging in my

room now.

I would also like to especially thank Capt. Brian McGuff of the

Burbank Fire Department, who was kind enough to stop and talk with me and


also to sign my poster.

We talked about flying our American flags permanently on fire trucks,

police cars and motorcycles. We both feel that it is a great idea. There

is nothing like seeing the flag flying behind a speeding fire truck with

the siren blaring. Maybe if other people agree and write in, we can make

it a reality.

Thanks again to all my friends at Ralphs.



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