Bands battle it out

November 03, 2001

Laura Sturza

MAGNOLIA PARK -- Punk rock prevailed at Burbank's first ever Halloween

Battle of the Bands, Tuesday night's free, teenage bash at Verdugo

Recreation Center.

Since preschool through middle school youngsters were represented at

other area happenings, the event sought to meet the needs of middle and

high school students.


"With everything that's happened this year, if we can get the kids

inside in a safe environment and keep them off the streets, I think it's

well worth it," said Mike Graceffo, recreation specialist for the city.

Three bands performed, including The Disgraced, with members from

Jordan Middle School. The other bands, Lab Station 7 and Bad Timing, both

boasted students from the teen punk band capital of Burbank: John

Burroughs High School.

Each band blasted out roughly 30 minutes of original music, while

Freddie Kruegers, Snow Whites and Draculas checked each other out.

Since Michael Collard began playing bass with Bad Timing, the biggest

change that he has noticed has been a shift in how other students respond

to him.

"People know you when you're in a band," Collard said.

Lab Station 7 offered a young band's take on world events. Band member

Trevor Jackson described their music as "political" with songs that

addressed how they perceive America and other governments.

The other bands also covered thematic ground familiar to the genre,

such as the challenges of growing up, a choice subject for people of any


The event was sponsored by Burbank Parks, Recreation and Community

Services Department.

"We hope to expand it in the future," Graceffo said.

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