Letter -- Wesley Greene

November 28, 2001

I like Will Rogers' column. He provides a valuable service by

analyzing city issues, the people who make them and the people who

criticize them. He is not a mouthpiece for the City Council, as Robby

Shaw has said ("How dare they," Oct. 24). Rogers has criticized and

analyzed all council members, as well as Bud Ovrom, the city manager.

In past columns, he has analyzed the Five Points redo at Victory and

Burbank boulevards, the absurdity of the effort to recall certain


councilmen, the city's effort to publish a newsletter regarding the

latest information about the airport, Judie Sarquiz's sleight-of-hand

move to a new appointed position closer to being appointed city manager

when Bud Ovrom retires, the joyriding of Councilman Bob Kramer with the

police on Friday nights, Phil Berlin's possible machinations behind the

scenes, the merits and demerits of the planned Media Center and, last but

not least, the exposing of the gadflies' spin on the airport issue.

His ability to get behind the issues and present them clearly is a

great asset to the readers of the Leader.



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