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Letter -- Jim Bogle

February 02, 2002

As a longtime resident of Burbank, one of our favorite things is to

watch our grandchildren take part in athletics at the many fine

facilities available to us.

We have encountered one field that is inaccessible to us. Bel Aire

Park is not accessible to the handicapped. The last time we tried to

watch a game there, a young lady wearing a full leg cast and using a

wheelchair actually slipped out of the chair. There is no way for we


older folks, using a wheelchair, to make it up that hill, or to leave, if

we could.

I called the sports office and spoke to the lady in charge. I thought

that perhaps they weren't aware of the situation. I was told that there

was no money in the budget to make the park handicap accessible.

I would think that it would be illegal to have activities that are not

accessible to the handicapped. It would also seem prudent to fix rather

than to settle a lawsuit for someone's injuries.



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