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City works to make handicapped access a priority

February 09, 2002

Laura Sturza

BURBANK -- City Council meetings will be getting a little louder for

some residents, and it has nothing to do with the sometimes boisterous


Since meeting attendants have said they sometimes cannot hear the

speakers, the city will begin offering hearing assistance devices --

starting at Tuesday's meeting, Management Services Director John Nicoll



The city works to meet other types of needs as well.

A Feb. 2 Burbank Leader letter to the editor said Bel Aire field poses

challenges to the disabled due to its extreme hill. Mike Flad, the city's

Park, Recreation and Community Services Director, agreed with writer Jim


"I can't think of another field that has the problems that Bel Aire

has," Flad said. "So he's bringing up a valid point."

If a disabled person plans to attend an event, necessary

accommodations will be made if the city is contacted in advance, Flad

said. Or, if the person was regularly going to one facility that posed

difficulties, the venue could be moved.

"When we encounter a situation where someone has a disability, we

would not schedule an activity at that facility," Flad said.

When the city sponsors classes for residents, like children's summer

camp sessions, other accommodations are sometimes necessary.

"For our classes, we bring in sign language interpreters at no cost to

the student," Flad said of hearing-impaired children.

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