Police standing by

February 16, 2002

Ryan Carter

BURBANK -- Local authorities are taking seriously the most recent FBI

warning of a terrorist attack but are not changing tactics from an

already established heightened alert.

FBI officials issued the agency's most specific warning yet Monday.

It warned of a potential for attacks in this country or Yemen. It also

released the names on its Web site of people possibly involved in the


possible attack.

"Basically, we received information recently developed through the

military in Afghanistan and interviews of detainees in Cuba that a

possible attack was planned against the U.S. and interests in Yemen," FBI

spokeswoman Laura Bosley said.

But law-enforcement business was going on as usual in post-Sept. 11

Burbank, even with the warning, officials said.

"While there may be a heightened level of attention here, the security

devices and practices that have been in place for several months are

still being actively employed," said Mike Post, the

Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport security chief.

Those include baggage checks in the terminal, the presence of the

National Guard and the Burbank Police Department's added presence at the


"The prior warnings have not expired," Post said. "It's not like we

wait a couple of days and gear down."

Burbank Police agree.

"We take all threats seriously," Burbank Police Sgt. Bill Taylor said.

"We've been on increased staffing since Sept. 11. For our agency, it's

not a major raise-the-guard, lower-the-guard issue."

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