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Added safety costs $1.6m

February 16, 2002

Laura Sturza

CIVIC CENTER -- Nearly $1.6 million in added Police and Fire

Department costs is the greatest single change reported in the city's

midyear financial review.

"The largest [added expenses] by far are related to the Sept. 11

event," city Financial Services Director Derek Hanway said.

The Fire Department spent $450,000, primarily on overtime costs for


activities including emergency preparedness. While Police Department

overtime expenses came to more than $1 million, those costs were

primarily covered by the airport.

Other budget changes include an additional $130,000 for the Joslyn

Adult Center to create two new rooms for a computer training center and

$98,000 for additional classes for Park, Recreation and Community

Services. The Police and Fire Department's parking structure requires

waterproofing at a cost of $400,000, and $677,000 will go to the

temporary relocation of the Municipal Services Building.

In the city's midyear budget report, delivered to the City Council on

Feb. 5, Hanway said the projected fiscal year 2001-2002 budget is expected to close at $104 million, and that the city is in a solid

financial position.

"The city is in excellent financial condition and I think the City

Council has done an excellent job in maintaining that position," Hanway

said. "If you look around the city, you'll see the new Burbank Empire

Center with a lot of new income coming into the city's financial base."

Additional evidence of Burbank's financial health can be seen in its

sales tax revenue on a per capita basis, Hanway said. Burbank received

one-third more in tax revenue than Glendale and about 75% more than Los

Angeles County from July through September 2001.

The next financial report to the council is scheduled for May, during

the city's yearly goal-setting meeting.

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