Several abandoned cats found in apartment

April 20, 2002

Ryan Carter

HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- Animal shelter officers found 14 abandoned cats

-- three of which were kittens -- in a vacant apartment littered with


None of the felines were hurt and no other animals were found Friday,

when acting Animal Shelter Supt. Claudia Madrid and shelter officers

collected the cats in the 400 block of East Harvard Road.


After being evicted from the two-bedroom apartment, the family that

owned the cats apparently left them there.

"This is one of the uglier ones," Madrid said, referring to the scene.

It is illegal in Burbank to own more than three dogs, cats or a

combination of both in the same space.

Madrid said the city will file a complaint of animal abandonment

against the owners.

In the meantime, the cats need a home, Madrid said. For adoption

information, call the shelter at 238-3340.

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