Getting back into action

April 20, 2002

Jeff Tully

LUTHER BURBANK MIDDLE SCHOOL -- Back in the 1980s, the local middle

school track and field athletes got a chance to show their skills at an

annual meet held just for them.

But over time, the meet died out and the young athletes had to wait

until they were in high school to experience competition against other



However Saturday, with the help of come concerned individuals, the

event is back, as the Tri-School All-City Meet was held at Luther Burbank

Middle School.

Along with athletes from Luther, participants from David Starr Jordan

and John Muir sprinted, jumped and muscled their way to fine

performances, and had some fun in the process.

"This is something we wanted to do for the kids because they haven't

had a meet like this for some time," said Mike Everhart, a Luther

physical education teacher who helped organize the meet.

"Hopefully this will turn into an annual event again. We want the kids

to be able to compete so they can go on to the high-school level and be


Athletes took part in separate qualifying events at their respective

schools to earn a spot in Saturday's event.

The running and field events were broken down into grade divisions for

boys and girls.

The outstanding athlete of the meet was Luther's Carolyn Chrzen, who

won the 100-yard race, the 220, the 440, the high jump, the long jump and

anchored the school's winning 440 and mile relay teams. Her best mark

came in the high jump when she beat all opponents by 10 inches with a 5-foot-2-inch effort.

Combining all divisions, Muir took home the overall team honor.

Here are the individual results:


6th Grade

60 yard hurdles

1. Gus Britton (Luther) 9.9 seconds; 2. Tony Birtell (Luther) 9.0; 3.

Isreal Soto (Muir) 9.5; 4. Sam Levin (Jordan) 9.6; 5. Carlos Serrano

(Muir) 9.6.


1. Greg Berberyan (Luther) 6.7; 2. Gus Britton (Luther) 6.8; 3. Jason

Lee (Muir) 6.8; 4. Tony Birtell (Luther) 6.9; 5. Shane Brackel (Muir)



1. Greg Berberyan (Luther) 9.8; 2. Gus Britton (Luther) 9.9; 3.(tie)

Lucas Kantzebach (Muir), Jonathan Mesa (Muir) 10.5; 5. Sam Levin (Jordan)



1. Jonathan Zepeda (Jordan) 1:13; 2. Jonathan Alpizar (Jordan) 1:17;

3. Austin Holgate (Luther) 1:18; 4. John Affi (Muir) 1:21; 5. Lucas

Kantzabediar (Muir) 1:24.


1. Saul Saavedra (Muir) 2:59; 2. Isreal Soto (Muir) 3:06; 3. Rus

Gaussoin (Muir) 3:17; 4. Bryce Burton (Luther) 3:28; 5. Royce Chang

(Luther) 3:28.


1. Kevin Figueroa (Muir) 6:17; 2.(tie) Jonathan Alpizar (Jordan), Ben

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