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May 01, 2002

Trite look at Hollywood's golden days

Gabrielle Reynolds is a prop buyer for Walt Disney Imagineering in

Glendale and is married to fellow critic Patrick Reynolds.

Somehow erroneously billed as a comedy, this film was full of trite

likenesses to the golden days of Hollywood. Angelina Jolie's character

watched Marilyn Monroe movies, dreaming of stardom.

Sure enough, she turns into an incredibly shallow blond bombshell


herself, aggressively pursuing her perfect life ... until the words of a

street prophet make her reevaluate. Wait a minute -- wasn't this Nicolas

Cage in "The Family Man"?

Even when hung over or lying in a hospital bed, her false lashes are

in place, her mascara never smeared -- and those famous balloon-like lips

never lose their perfect sheen.

Too bad the film couldn't have perfected its own image as well.

Hard to say what kind of movie it is

Patrick Reynolds, an actor, lives in Glendale with his wife and fellow

critic, Gabrielle Reynolds.

I don't think I liked this movie. It was something like a movie, but

what kind?

The listing called it a comedy, but it wasn't funny. There were a

couple of humorous moments, but not enough to make it a comedy.

I think it was trying to be a romantic film, but there was no

chemistry between the stars. And then there is the message about how

you're not supposed to be shallow and materialistic ... why? It never

made a real commitment to that statement either.

The only premise that this film stayed loyal to was the predictability

of the premise.

"Life or Something Like It" is rated PG-13.

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