Changes in the air up there

June 26, 2002

Laura Sturza

The air above Burbank has been busier lately -- this month alone

has seen 31 more flight departures per week than in May from the

Burbank- Glendale-Pasadena Airport.

But the variation is in line with figures from past months, which

range from 69 to 77 daily departures -- showing that the airline

industry is continuing its slow recovery from the terrorist attacks


Sept. 11.

In June, about 77 flights have left the airport each day.

The new flights were added to the 510 weekly flights in May,

spreading the noise impact area from 265 acres to a projected 290

acres, Airport Authority spokesman Victor Gill said.

Other months show decreased service -- in March, 69 daily

departures and 71 in April, based on figures from the Airport


Projections show September flights will be at about 75 daily

departures, the same number as the year before the terrorist attacks.

"The airlines are a fluid industry and they are constantly

adjusting their schedules," Gill said, adding that seasonal travel

patterns often drive the changes, with summer being a heavier travel


While Airport Authority commissioners are not required to report

these changes in reports to the City Council, residents have

questioned whether flight information should be included.

"Anything that the commission takes action on is what we report,"

Burbank Commissioner Don Brown said.

The Airport Authority cannot enforce flight times or number of

flights since the federal government's deregulation of the airline

industry. But it has a voluntary curfew urging airlines to avoid

flying after 10 p.m. and before 7 a.m., which officials say is 95%

adhered to by carriers.

Yet Burbank Mayor David Laurell said he thinks this information

should be reported at council meetings, including flights that are

added or subtracted, or curfews that are broken.

Commissioner Charlie Lombardo recently reported curfew violations

by United Airlines, some of which were changed following the Airport

Authority's request to do so.

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