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End the myth of political control over airport issues...

July 31, 2002

End the myth of political control over airport issues

Material prepared by Burbank city staff has been put in a briefing

book for the Plan Evaluation and Review Committee (PERC).

It says, " ... by reserving the power to hire and fire airport

commissioners, each city retains continuing political control over

the policies and decisions of the airport."

Homeowner groups in Pasadena tell me members of their city council


have told them, "We don't want to discuss the airport, we're not


Letters to the editor of the Pasadena Star News from Burbank

regarding conditions at the airport are returned, saying " ... not

subject matter concerning local subscribers."

Last year, the Glendale City Council included an agenda item to

decide whether it would continue tri-city meetings to find a mutual

agreement for presentation to the airport.

They arrived at a consensus.

"We don't know enough about day-to-day operations, therefore we

can't make an intelligent decision." The matter was closed with a


In the seven years I have been following airport and city

relations, I can't remember one instance where the Airport Authority

reinforces its insistence that it is a separate, independent agency

by ignoring all city requests.

Stop this merry-go-round. I want to get off. Nothing constructive

can come from perpetuating the myth there is any political control

over policies and decisions at the airport.



Board showed disdain for residents near planned store

I attended the Planning Board meeting Monday night to voice my

opposition to the addition of a 7-Eleven store at 600 N. Glenoaks

Blvd. and found it to be a disturbingly ludicrous farce.

The owners of a market across the street from the proposed site of

the 7-Eleven circulated a petition to prevent the 7-Eleven's

construction, and it was ignored completely.

Chairwoman Berlin voiced her concern that the signers of the

petition did not show up at the hearing to voice their opposition.

A good number of the more than 400 signers of that petition are

elderly and disabled citizens who haven't the means to attend the

meetings and were under the impression signing the petition was a

sufficient means of expressing their concern.

I watched Monday night as the Planning Board members not only

showed a callous disregard for the voices of more than 400 citizens

of Burbank, but also kowtowed to the corporate giant that could care

less about our city or her residents.

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