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School district revamps annual notification

August 03, 2002

Molly Shore

Parents will have fewer papers to sort through when they read the

school district's parents' rights notification that will be sent out


For the first time, the Burbank Unified School District's Annual

Notification To Parents/Guard- ians will come as a booklet, rather

than packets of stapled pages.


"I think [it's] more user friendly," said Hank Jannace, the

district's director of pupil services.

Because the state requires that school districts compile annual

information for all students, several forms in the booklet must be

completed and turned in, including a student health history and

permission to audio- or videotape student presentations.

"This is a transparent document," Jannace said. " It changes from

year to year."

Jannace said the district is required to list parents' rights, as

well as those of the district.

To confirm that they have read and understand the information,

parents and students are required to sign a form in the booklet. The

24-page booklets and forms are in English and Spanish. Forms in

Armenian are available at each school.

Beverley Lawrence, an administrative secretary in the school

district who has two children in Burbank schools, said parents will

appreciate the change.

"I think this is much more precise," she said. "It's less

intimidating, and the format will provide parents with something to

hang on to."

The booklets for high school and alternative school students will

go out next week, Jannace said.

Parents of middle and elementary school students will receive

theirs nearer to the schools' Sept. 9 start date.

The completed forms are turned in during the registration period

at each school, and become part of the student's school record.

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