Council should do what it can to protect public

August 03, 2002

Thank you, Burbank Leader, for exposing the lunacy of the Burbank

City Council's refusal to permit airport security improvements.

The Burbank council, irrespective of what its lawyers and PR

consultants advise, cannot continue to deny building permits for

passenger baggage screening equipment mandated by federal law.

This is no longer a PR game to see who can win the latest in the

never-ending string of court cases. Lives are at stake. As a Los


Angeles resident, I am not able to vote for Burbank city

representatives. However, the Burbank council's delay in permitting

the airport to make the necessary improvements jeopardizes the lives

of everyone who uses Burbank Airport, including mine.

The Burbank City Council's recent political antics are

antithetical to the city's long tradition of patriotism. The council

members should instead exercise a little statesmanship, protect the

flying public and stop worry about the next election. We are at war.


West Hills

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