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Research grant awarded in woman's honor

August 03, 2002

Molly Shore

The spirit of a local woman who lost her battle with brain cancer

seven years ago will live on in a $50,000 grant to fund brain tumor


The Lynne Batchelor/American Brain Tumor Assn. grant has been

established at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

"The $50,000 comes from our wonderful individual donors," said


Naomi Berkowitz, the association's executive director. More than $1

million that has been awarded for research has come from

contributions, usually in amounts of $25 to $100, she said.

Initially, Lynne Batchelor had no symptoms of the disease that had

invaded her body, her husband Kenneth said. One afternoon while

running an errand, she suffered a grand mal seizure. An MRI showed a

growth in her brain.

After a needle biopsy verified that she had a malignant tumor that

was inoperable, Batchelor was given six months to live, but survived

11 months, her husband said.

"She fought a brave fight and never lost hope. She was a real

trooper," Batchelor said.

After his wife died at 35, Batchelor wanted a way to perpetuate

his wife's memory. Batchelor, vice president of a music-related

company based in Pasadena, made a cassette of Christmas melodies that

were his wife's favorites, with proceeds of the sales going to the

association for research purposes. He has become a stalwart supporter

of the association, and is one of its associate directors, Berkowitz

said. Through Batchelor's efforts, Berkowitz said that thousands of

dollars have been raised for research.

Because of his fund-raising efforts, Berkowitz said that

dedicating this year's grant in Lynne Batchelor's name was the

association's way of saying "thank you" to her husband for his


The association receives no government funding, relying solely on

individual donors. For more information, call (800) 886-2282.

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