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Tanker flips near freeway offramp

August 24, 2002

Officials are investigating what caused a tanker truck to overturn

near a freeway onramp.

Burbank hazardous materials crews were sent to the Alameda Avenue

onramp for the south Golden State (5) Freeway shortly before midnight

Wednesday. The truck overturned on a parkway between the on-and

offramps. The truck driver suffered minor injuries, Burbank Fire

Marshal Dave Starr said. The truck leaked crude oil from its holding


tanks and diesel fuel from its saddle tanks onto the dirt parkway.

Crews contained about 50 gallons of diesel and 200 gallons of crude

oil, Starr said. The incident required a full hazardous materials

response consisting of engines, trucks and ambulances from six

Burbank stations and one Glendale station. A Los Angeles County

hazardous materials crew also responded, Starr said.

Ryan Carter

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