Adults also reap benefits from Burroughs photo lab...

October 05, 2002

Adults also reap benefits from Burroughs photo lab

The Sept. 28-29 Leader front-page story about John Burroughs High

School's new state-of-the-art photo lab failed to mentioned that

through the Burbank Adult School, this same facility at the high

school is available to adults.

For 20 years, the adults have learned photography in the evening

at John Burroughs High School in beginning photo classes on Mondays,


black-and-white labs on Tuesdays, photography color classes on

Wednesdays and, beginning in the spring semester, digital photography

on Thursdays. More information about these classes is available by

calling Adult Education at 558-4611.

Many of the adult students have also received awards, from the

local Amateur Photo Contest sponsored by the Friends of the Burbank

Public Library every spring to national awards.

Also, like the day students, many of the adults eventually became

professional photographers in all fields, some of whom have worked

for the Burbank Leader.



Thanks for the speed test, but please move the radar

An open letter to the Burbank Police Department.

Dear sirs,

Those of us Burbank residents who are high-performance motor

sports enthusiasts appreciate your placing the speed radar trailer

around town so that we can test out our cars and motorcycles. Making

speed runs at the radar trailer is a very big help in tuning up our


However, it is my opinion that some very poor judgment has gone

into some of the trailer placements.

At times it has been placed near a grammar school, no more than 50

feet from stop signs, and, as can be seen in this photo, on busy main

streets with no more than 200 yards to stop for a major intersection.

These placements present a danger not only to the users of the

radar, but to other motorists in the area.

It is our request that you park the trailer on Vanowen Street

halfway between Buena Vista Street and Hollywood Way. Place it on the

north side of the street, facing Buena Vista Street, and leave it

there permanently.



Thankful for friendship, even from so far away

As I stood up with Burbankers to help break "The Glendale-Pasadena

Grip" on the Burbank Airport Authority with its negative effects and

bad public relations toward Burbankers, I came to know and appreciate

so many of you, even if you Burbankers fight one another. You all

have helped me to grow in many rich and fertile ways.

Although I have left Glendale and California, I knew through

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