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Leave her T-shirt in the dirty clothes I am sick to...

October 26, 2002

Leave her T-shirt in the dirty clothes

I am sick to death of seeing Jennifer Rodriguez and her "Bush Knew

9/11" T-shirt in the Leader. She is obviously the product of a

leftist educational system. To think that our president had knowledge

of what would happen Sept. 11 and just let it happen is repugnant.

Regardless of one's political affiliation, that accusation is

unconscionable. So, she's representing Burbank in Washington? For


what it's worth, she doesn't represent me or my views. I can only

hope she has the sense to leave her T-shirt at home.



Trash the T-shirt and calm down

I hope my writing of this letter doesn't prompt you to run another

photo of Jennifer Rodriquez. I, for one, have had enough of that

denunciative T-shirt.

After one story, two letters and three photos in one week, I hope

this story has run its course before it drives Paul H. Wangsness into

another heated diatribe against the president. Relax, Paul. Sit down,

have a latte. Don't let a picture of a girl in a T-shirt drive you

into a frenzy over your copious perceived injustices of the


By the way, the caption accompanying the photo states that the

T-shirt has drawn positive comments like those of Wangsness. It seems

to me the positiveness in Wangsness' letter ended with the words,

"thoughtful young lady."

At any rate, best of luck to you, Jennifer. We may differ in

ideology, but I'm sure we align in our sense of community pride and

our search for truth. As for you, Paul: Ease up, buddy. It's still a

great country we live in. Enjoy it. I'll send you a fruit basket.



T-shirt statement not welcomed by all

No need to envy Hollywood anymore, Burbank now has its own

Jennifer-Jane-Hanoi Rodriguez.



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