Ryan Carter Woman cited for gun in luggage...

October 26, 2002

Ryan Carter

Woman cited for gun in luggage

AIRPORT DISTRICT -- A Burbank woman was cited at

Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena airport after a .22-caliber revolver in her

luggage was illuminated when it passed through an X-ray screening

machine, police said.

The woman was in Terminal A at the airport Monday when the image


showed up, Burbank Police Sgt. John Dilibert said.

The handgun was not loaded.

The woman told airport security personnel she placed the gun in

her suitcase as a safety precaution to keep it away from her

grandson, according to police reports.

The gun was confiscated and she was cited and allowed to board her


Homemade gun found in car console

MEDIA DISTRICT NORTH -- Two men were arrested after a traffic stop

led officers to find a homemade gun, police said.

Police stopped two men, 19 and 22, on Saturday as they drove near

the intersection of San Fernando Boulevard and Walnut Street, Police

Sgt. John Dilibert said.

The 19-year-old Sunland man was driving but didn't have a license

and the 22-year-old Tujunga man was on probation, Dilibert said.

During a consent search of the car, police found what is known as

a "zip gun" -- a crude, homemade pistol -- in the car's console.

It was made of a plastic grip with a black frame and barrel

wrapped together with black electrical tape, Dilibert said.

Carjacking thwarted by 'kill switch'

MEDIA DISTRICT NORTH -- A North Hollywood man's Acura coupe was

carjacked after a truck bumped it near an intersection.

The incident occurred about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when the man slowed

his car on Victory Boulevard near Fairview Street, Police Sgt. John

Dilibert said.

A red pickup truck with three men inside -- one in the back --

bumped the man's Acura from behind and both vehicles pulled over.

The North Hollywood man got out, and so did the man in the back of

the pickup, Dilibert said. The man pointed a small black handgun at

the victim and, according to police reporter, said "I want your car.

This is a carjacking, not a murder."

The robber got in and drove the car away, but it was later found

abandoned on a nearby street, Dilibert said. A kill switch on the car

that keeps fuel from getting to the gas pump might have forced the

thieves to leave the car, Dilibert said.

The victim was not hurt.

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