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$5 million should allow for painting a school Re: a...

December 04, 2002

$5 million should allow for painting a school

Re: a letter from Paul Chitlik in the Nov. 30 edition.

This all sounds wonderful, but I'd like to know why the exterior

of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School has not been painted.

It's remodeling is complete, but the faculty has been told the

exterior was not painted due to "lack of funds."

At $5 million under budget, lack of funds doesn't hold water.




Bergfeld should watch to whom he lends his ear

Michael Bergfeld wrote recently if he's elected to City Council,

he'll listen to the people at council meetings like he did at

Performance Evaluation Review Committee hearings. But council

meetings are also a place for business, where local legislation is on

the docket and has to be considered, and where decisions have to be


I imagine listening to some of the ranting, raving activists is a

job in itself. Being on the PERC committee might be a piece of cake

compared to being on the council and being berated.

If Mr. Bergfeld is in simpatico with the gadflies on issues, he'll

probably live a charmed existence, but might have some resentment

coming from his fellow council members.

By the way, being in sync with the activists doesn't necessarily

mean the general public. You're dealing with a small group of people

who are well grounded on their favorite issues, are very aggressive

and could be incorrect in their opinions.



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