Airport aims to move parking lots

December 07, 2002

Laura Sturza

Moving 1,000 parking spaces from one part of the

Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport to another could mean the facility

will have to do an environmental study.

The project would shift overflow parking on the former Lockheed

B-6 property to the southwest section the airport property, where the

airport also plans to relocate the fire station and build a new


emergency- operations center. The area has hangars and paved space

used by rental- car companies.

The city of Burbank was among groups concerned about the airport's

plans to use the property. The city asked the facility to conduct an

environmental impact study that could cost a minimum of "several tens

of thousands of dollars," Airport Authority spokesman Victor Gill


A letter from Community Development Director Sue Georgino

highlights potential erosion and topsoil loss from demolition, and

the risk of worker exposure to hazardous substances when pavement is

removed because chemicals used by Lockheed contaminated the soil.

The Coalition for Clean Air also filed objections to bypassing a

thorough environmental review, citing concerns about air quality

impacts that could result from planes being moved. The airport has

yet to determine how many occupants of five hangars on the site would

be relocated. They are likely to be moved to the northwest section of

the airport.

"When you're moving around jet craft, you've got to make sure that

the new locations don't have a significant health impact on

residences and local businesses," coalition spokes- man Todd Campbell


Relocating the parking spaces will preserve them if the airport

sells the B-6 property, one of the options available since the

facility announced its intent to stop planning a replacement terminal

on the site.

The Airport Authority will review the objections and consider

conducting an environmental review. The timetable for submitting

permit requests to the city for the parking lot, fire station and

emergency operations center has not been determined, Gill said.

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