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'it's a Wrap!' finds homes for studios' clothes

December 14, 2002

Laura Sturza

Shoppers hunting for gold leather bell bottoms from NBC's wardrobe

department, faux "Monopoly"-printed jeans hailing from the Warner

Bros. lot or a Tommy Bahama silk jacket worn on "CSI: Miami" need

look no further.

These items all sell for about 50% off retail prices at "it's a

Wrap!" -- which consigns clothes from major East and West Coast



But the allure of wearing a dress from the back of "Charmed" star

Rose McGowan is not what pulls most shoppers into the store at 3315

W. Magnolia Blvd.

"You can get really awesome clothes for practically nothing," said

30-year-old Truly Magyar, showing off the $15 silk pajamas she found.

The 6,500-square-foot, two-level store was opened in Burbank in

1994 by former CBS employee Janet Dion and her daughter Tiara Hallman

Nappi .

Dion got the idea to open a smaller Studio City shop with a

partner in 1981. While working at CBS, she "noticed that they were

going to auction off a whole trailer of wardrobe, beautiful clothes,

for $1,500."

The business lets her offer customers clothes they couldn't find

anywhere else, Dion said, while studios "have a way of disposing of

items that they can't use ... creating valuable space."

Customers trolling for terrific finds at the shop Wednesday

included Clive Richards of Cambridge, England. Though he prefers more

"arty films," Richards enjoyed the prospect of perusing clothes that

had been worn in films that also travel abroad.

"I think everyone's a bit star-struck," Richards said.

Meanwhile, Rosalinda Matthew wasn't too pleased that the Leader

was writing about the shop she discovered two weeks ago.

"Then everyone will find out about it," Matthew said.

Though she was shopping for a gift for a male friend, Matthew

found herself in the women's section, with two items for herself

already in hand.

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