Protecting the air hopeful's goal

December 14, 2002

Laura Sturza

In advocating protections for the state's air, Todd Campbell is

accustomed to working to make life better for people in his


The City Council candidate and policy director for the Coalition

for Clean Air wants to put his experience to use to maintain and

improve services in the city where he was raised.


"I'm third generation Burbank," Campbell said. "My grandmother

worked for the city for 26 years, and retired as secretary to City

Manager Joe Baker."

Having provided suggestions for traffic mitigation to agencies

including the Southern California Assn. of Governments and the

Metropolitan Transit Authority, Campbell is familiar with funding

sources that can improve Burbank's traffic flow -- including upgrades

to signals and roads.

"The Coalition for Clean Air has been very successful in keeping

our doors open during a very tough economic climate due to my ability

to find funding," Campbell said.

Another key concern will be to address and plan for how the

state's budget crisis will trickle down to Burbank.

"Whoever gets elected this upcoming cycle will be forced to make

budgetary decisions that may cut programs," Campbell said. "I have

the ability to make the hard decisions that can maintain city

services and stop excessive bleeding during lean times."

While maintaining recreation, senior, police, fire and education

budgets, Campbell said he would look to make cuts to the city's

litigation costs, "in cases where Burbank may be wrong."

Campbell wants to see Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport traffic

shared by other airports, and opposes expansion of the facility

"because I think it's the will of the residents," he said.

The candidate seeks to negotiate for "measures that will improve

transportation, air quality and noise."

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