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Seafood and more with a Latin flair

December 14, 2002

In Spanish, bahia is translated as bay and caporales means the

person in charge of a ranch. So when it comes time to corral those

shrimp, fish, and lobster, your friends at Bahia Caporales proclaim

their expertise in their name. And Burbank residents agree, having

named Bahia Caporales one of "Burbank's Best" in our readers' choice


Since 1986, when the Burbank location was opened, the Garcia


family has provided the community with seafood that has a decidedly

Latin flavor. Said Bahia Caporales owner Jose Garcia, "We take these

two components, seafood and Mexican food, and combine them, adding a

hint of international flavor. Our purpose is to go beyond typical

Mexican and seafood. We add new, original, and intriguing dishes to

our already delicious and succulent Mexican and seafood cuisines."

Numerous lobster, shrimp, and other seafood dishes adorn the menu.

From the Langosta a la Diabla to the Carnaval Sinaloense -- and

everything in between -- is available at Bahia Caporales.

But non-seafood lovers aren't left out of the equation. Various

beef and chicken dishes are featured, as well as what can be

described as more traditional Mexican fare, such as enchiladas,

burritos, and tacos.

Bahia Caporales is located at 3821 W. Magnolia in Burbank. For

additional information, contact them at (818) 842-7845.

--Tom Joyce

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