Thieves stealing Christmas ... decorations

December 21, 2002

Ryan Carter

Christmas might be known as the season of giving, but for some,

it's a time of taking -- to be more precise, stealing.

Since Dec. 12, decorations were reported stolen from homes in the

2600 block of North Parish Place, the 1800 block of Pepper Street and

the 100 block of South Valley Street.

It's not an unusual occurrence during the holiday season, Sgt.


John Dilibert said.

"We do see this every year," he said. "Sometimes it's sleighs and

others it'll be the lighted reindeer. We don't know who the thieves


Whoever they are, they probably have nice decorations set up, he



On Sunday, a woman told police 16 poinsettias and 16 large candy

canes that lined her walkway were taken.

The day before, two lighted reindeer were stolen from another

woman's yard.

And Dec. 12, Santa himself was stolen. An 8-foot tall inflatable

St. Nick was ripped from its stakes in a man's frontyard.

"We don't know if someone let the air out of him or just carried

him off," Sgt. Jose Duran said.

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