Better teachers, a better district

December 25, 2002

Molly Shore

Lisa Clement, 46, does not have children enrolled in Burbank

schools, but she wants to make the district better for students,

teachers and parents. So she is running for one of three open seats

on the Burbank Unified School District school board.

"I think my chances look pretty good to get elected," she said.

If elected, she plans to personally get involved with hiring the


best new teachers from UCLA, Cal State Northridge, USC and other top


"I want to keep great teachers working here in Burbank," she said.

Clement would work with teachers and their union to get them

better medical plans and benefits.

Her part-time job as a property manager means she would have

plenty of free time for the duties of a school board member.

Clement said she has lived in the city at various times throughout

the years and returned three months ago.

"Since I moved here to Burbank, I met a lot of parents, and they

take pride in their kids, too," Clement said.

Because she knows many parents, Clement said she is more

interested in running for school board than City Council.

"I'm qualified because I'm planning to work hard to fix things and

make them better," she said.

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