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Silent but deadly

May 03, 2003

BELLARMINE-JEFFERSON HIGH -- Walking onto the field at Brace Canyon

Park, Bellarmine-Jefferson High Coach Hector Perez usually greets his

players and talks a little baseball before practice starts.

But when the coach passes Bryan and Fabio Vargas, he often isn't

even acknowledged by either brother.

"Sometimes, they won't even say hi to me," Perez. "Most of the

time, they don't talk at all."


It's not that the Vargas' are rude, the two actually like Perez.

However, they are so painfully shy that it's rare for the players to

say much of anything to coaches and players during practices and


"You have to realize, this is just the way they are," Perez said.

"It's not that they're trying to be mean to people, they just prefer

to be quiet. We don't get mad at them because they don't talk, we

just let them be themselves. We have kind of gotten used to it."

Opponents this season have gotten a taste of the Vargas' silent

but deadly treatment. Both pitchers, Bryan -- a senior -- and Fabio

-- a junior -- have successfully quieted every team they have faced

in league.

With a combined 5-0 record and 0.68 earned-run average in league,

Bryan (3-0) and Fabio (2-0) have led a Bell-Jeff resurgence that has

caught much of the Santa Fe League off guard. In their five starts,

all have been complete-game victories and three have been shutouts.

Successfully combining power and finesse on the mound, the

right-handers use good ball movement and an intimidating

three-quarters side-arm delivery to baffle batters.

The pair has been able to improve and grow under the watchful eye

of Bell-Jeff pitching Coach Rod Arancibia.

"Rod has done a great job, by himself, with the pitchers," Perez

said. "Pitching is not my thing, and I leave all that up to him."

"Fabio pitches a little slower than I do," Bryan said. "But he has

better movement and a better curveball than I do. He actually taught

me how to throw a good curveball."

In his three wins, Bryan has logged 17 innings, has a 0.67 ERA,

allowed six runs (one earned), eight hits, struck out 24 and walked

six. For Fabio, his 10 innings has yielded two runs (one earned),

five hits, a 0.70 ERA and he has struck out nine and walked three.

"The great thing about the both of them is that they have great

movement on their pitches," Perez said. "They really fool a lot of


The Guard brother combo has helped Bell-Jeff to one of its best

league showings in more than 10 years. Although the team took its

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