They learned a lot, and it all got printed Thanks...

April 28, 2004

They learned a lot, and it all got printed

Thanks for the great article and photos of the competition. As a

member of the (CERT) team, it was nice to see us recognized for the

hard work.

We all had a grand time, and the knowledge we have received from

the CERT program has us ready for anything.

Thanks again for a wonderful write-up.




Unhappy with Charter on a variety of levels

How can Charter raise our rates again? They did that last year! It

seems that they always want more from us and give us less. There are

always several stations that I never watch.

I have asked several times about getting the Hallmark Channel. We

once got that, and I don't know why they no longer include it.

Cable service should be competitive. just like the phone service

is. We pay more for cable service than any others -- my daughter

lives in North Hollywood and she pays a lot less that I do.



Burbank, Newport should look to El Toro

Bob Hope Airport is up for public discussion, and if time and

experience ever can teach us anything, we must act now to prevent

expansion from harming our citizens ("Bigger airport would mean big

problems," April 8).

Letter writer Ron Vanderford mentions Orange County in his letter.

I am fully aware of the devastation wrought by jet airplanes, because

I live in Newport Beach, where 1,000 flights a day come and go at

tiny John Wayne Airport, right over our city, carrying 10 million

annual passengers and untold numbers of private jets. Hundreds of

people are in the noise zone, yet this excess continues because of an

arcane federal Airport Noise and Capacity Act ...

The planned El Toro International Airport eight miles away is

sitting idle, because housing developers have created a NIMBY voter

group to try to keep the lights turned off. Fortunately, El Toro is

the solution to all of our aviation needs. It will carry 30 million

annual passengers, and all the planning has been completed. No one is

in the noise zone at El Toro.

Located in a calm valley, it has long, low, straight-in approaches

and energy-efficient, crossed runways pointing to where airplanes

need to go. The pilots and airlines just love El Toro. We can open

an airport that harms no one, while taking the pressure off existing


It's the patriotic thing to do. The memories of Bob Hope and John

Wayne will be proud of us.


Newport Beach

Charter's rate hikes need public hearing

Here we go again. It's that time of year when Charter

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